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At Piano-Loops.com we believe in live music loops, using real, live players, not programmed parts. Real players, real feel. We don’t believe in over-quantizing either. That kills the human element. The tiny variations are what let’s music live and ‘breathe.” That’s our philosophy. Our loops are played by some of the best studio musicians in Nashville (see the “Our Team” page). Nashville is called “Music City” for a reason, every kind of music is produced and played here. Nashville is one of the recording capitals of the world. Now you can have these world-class players on your tracks—too!


Our mission is to provide high-quality loops that bring the latest music styles and live feel to you. Our loops were designed from the start for songwriters, as well as, producers who need to make demos or tracks from home or their own studio. Not only are we using top Nashville studio musicians, but pro songwriters as well, to ensure that the loops work in commercial song formats. This is where Piano-Loops.com products differ from other loop products: we’ve put a lot more thought and effort into more complete arrangements for songs, while also being more flexible to allow your creations to be unique from others using the same product.


Loops are completely royalty-free

All loops are original loops created and recorded by our team. You have to the right to use these loops in your own songs, instrumentals and all other musical and audio or audio-visual productions and to sell your creations commercially as long as you combine our loops with your own added created content.


If there’s something you’re looking for, especially in the styles we produce, be sure to use the “suggest ideas” link on the side bar and drop us line.