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Free Demo: Pop Piano Vol. 1
Songwriting Loops

  • We bring you the ULTIMATE in SONGWRITING LOOPS with maximum possibilities, flexibility and originality!
  • These Loops contain our 3-Songs-in-1 triple progressions giving the ultimate in variations from other users
  • PLUS > one bar rhythms and sustained bar (1 hit) chords in all 12 keys!
  • You can make these songs do almost anything you want within the rhythm and tempo…change keys, change chords. It’s easy & flexible + fast!

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PLAY AUDIO: Loop Samples

SAMPLE 1: DEMO Using all 3 progressions alternating every segment

SAMPLE 2: Using substitute chord with 1-bar rhythms and 1-hits, every other bar.

SAMPLE 3: FULL PRODUCT all songs alternating progressions.



Want to see and hear more of what the expanded edition loops can do?
View VIDEO Demonstrations HERE

Pop Piano Song Construction Loops

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This FREE demo contains:

  • Loops from one of the “3 songs-in-1” songs in the package, PLUS, the expanded 1 hits and 1 bar chord rhythms in all 12 keys.
  • WAV & AIF audio files
  • Both standard MIDI + Toontrack EZKeys ready midi.
  • 3 separate chord progressions for each song section. Each progression is a song in itself!
  • Song sections: Verse 1A, Verse 1B, Chorus 1A, Bridge, Outro (the full version contains 5 additional sections for this song (intro/verse2B/turnaround/chorus1B/Chorus3-Breakdown;10 sections in all))
  • 15 song loops of 8 bars or greater (5 additional sections for this song in full version, for 15 additional loops.)
  • 1 hit chords in all 12 keys. Demo contains 7 chord types in all 12 keys, 84 total loops. (14 chord types are in full version adding 84 additional loops for this song)
  • 1 bar rhythm individual chords in all 12 keys. Demo contains 7 chord types in all 12 keys, 84 total loops. (14 chord types are in full version adding 84 additional loops for this song)
  • Demo contains the following 7 chord types: Major, Minor, Suspended 4, 7th, Major 7, Minor 7, add 9.
  • Chord progression chart for each section and progression (1 thru 3)
  • 183 total loops!
  • Complete guides and documentations as included in purchased product.


  • Full product standard edition contains 6 songs x 3-songs-in-one progressions for 18 total songs and 174 loops.
  • Full purchased product expanded addition contains 2190 loops. You get 6 songs with 3 separate progressions for a total of 18 complete songs! (6 songs x 3 progressions for 18 songs for 174 loops. 168 one hit chords in all 12 keys x 6 songs for 1008 loops. 168 one bar individual chord rhythms in all 12 keys x 6 songs for 1008 loops.)
  • Full purchased product contains the following 14 chord types: Major, Minor, Suspended 2, Suspended 4, 6th, 7th, Major 7, Minor 7, 7th suspended 4, add 9, 11th, augmented, 1/3 (1 with 3 bass), 1/7 (1 with 7 bass).
  • Full purchased AUDIO version of product matches the piano type used and sound (as closely as possible) to the popular artist’s recorded sound.

Compatible with Mac & Windows and with the following software

Acid • Adobe Audition • Akai • Audio CD Player • Battery • Cubase • Digital Performer • EZKeys • EXS24 • FL Studio • GarageBand • GarageBand iOS • Gigastudio • HALion • Kontakt • Korg Oasys • Korg Triton • Kurzweil K2xxx Series • Live • Logic • MachFive • MPC • Nuendo • ProTools • Reaper • Reason • Record • RMX • SampleTank • Sonar • Soundtrack • Structure • Studio One • Toontrack EZKeys • Transfuser • UVI Workstation • Yamaha Motif

• Production by Music City Loops & Gene Rabbai

• Piano played by Gene Rabbai

Gene has been a busy producer, session & live keyboardist in Nashville for many years. He has recorded, worked or performed with Paul Butterfield of the Butterfield Blues band, Randy Meisner of Eagles, Smokey Robinson, Ratt, Mister Mister, Eric Burden of “The Animals” and “War” , Darlene Love , Tom Petersson of “Cheap Trick” and Doug Feiger of “The Knack”, Carmine Appice and Phil Chen of Rod Stewart’s Band, Charlie Daniels, Vince Gill, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Chely Wright, Kix Brooks, Daryl Singletary, Mark Collie, Joe Diffie, Billy Dean, Mila Mason & Anita Cochran and more. He has also recorded and produced for Band-in-a-Box and Sound Choice.

Try out this songwriting / song construction piano loops set and get a feel for how our products actually work and sound. We’d love to hear your feedback.

**TOONTRACK EZKEYS USERS NOTE** : You must install the loops into EZKeys manually, but it’s very EZ. View the EZKeys how-to install video CLICK HERE.

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